ACNE STORY IV: Current Update On Skin

img_5604The previous post on Acne Story (read here) talked about how I decided to change dermatologist in the past. 

I’ve been talking about my past experiences and hasn’t been talking about my current skin condition. Many have been giving me words of encouragement, but I haven’t managed to tell them about my current skin condition. I will continue with my story with roaccutane on the next Acne Story post.

To begin with, my skin condition now is so much better than depicted in previous posts. A lot of the pictures I’ve been posting are the pictures in the past. My skin nowadays are not as clear as it was before the hormonal acne and I do still struggle with acne.

A picture of me and my grandma, November 2016

But those days where my hormonal acne would rage non-stop and would grow on top of other acnes were gone. It has not been easy and it sure has been a long way. Most of the scars have gone, even though not all of them. At least, nowadays I don’t feel pain when I wash my face. I do have breakouts when I lack in sleep. I would have small bumps and zits all over my face.

It’s no longer the large painful cystic acne and I’m grateful for that. At least, I don’t have to go through constant pain as I wash my face and put medications on m face.

At least, as of now, my skin will not look as scary as before and a simple thin foundation would do, even though I rarely use one.

I can’t write much as for now, but I promise I will.





2 thoughts on “ACNE STORY IV: Current Update On Skin

  1. I’m glad y=that your acne is clearing up! I completely understand your struggle because I get that annoying cystic acne too smh. I went to a dermatologist for mine as well, but I also found that using fresh lemon juice on my face at night works!


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