ACNE STORY III: Changing Dermatologist to Dr. B

The last acne story picked up on how the medications from my dermatologist, Dr. A, didn’t work like it used to.

(Please note, the ‘A’ in Dr. A doesn’t stand as an initial of the doctor, but rather as an order from the first doctor to the second and so on)

Weeks of medication didn’t result in anything. Dr. A never once give me any oral medications like birth-control pills, clindamycin, or roaccutane. Even though my skin calmed down, but my skin was not as clear as before.

It was clear enough that my skin acted differently.

Imagine this :

  You are dating someone whom you’ve known for a long time. You know that they would always care for you. Then he/she has to go somewhere far for quite some time. However, ever since he/she is back, he/she has completely changed. You become flustered as the way he/she treated you has completely changed.

That’s how I felt about my skin.

I’ve decided it’s time to move on from Dr. A and move forward to Dr. B. My Mom has suggested me to move to Dr. B because I went to Dr. B when I had common atopic dermatitis as a child and now don’t have it anymore.

So, here goes the visit to Dr. B. The doctor would as several questions that sounded like “Are you planning to have children any time soon?”  

This is because he was about to prescribe me with an oral medication.

Yes, it’s roaccutanealso known as isotretinoin or accutane. The doctor didn’t exactly say roaccutane, but he told me that it was high-dosed vitamin A. He also prescribed me with doxycyclinebasically an anti-bacteria antibiotic.

As soon as I’ve received my medicines, I went home and follow through as prescribed.

After medication circa mid 2013


…..compared to 2015


The medicine felt different than Dr. A; it did not sting like Dr. A’s and it was just like a normal cream. Dr. A’s medications worked well. For once after a while, I could see improvement of my skin.

With Dr. B’s medication, I didn’t experience much dryness like others would. Dr. B had reminded me of the possible effect dry lips due to roaccutane and had informed me that I should use lip balm.

However, my sister had an entirely different reaction with Dr. B’s medication. Her skin didn’t respond well to Dr. B’s medication. (This is why I saidthat what works for me may not work for you!)

As for me? After a while, I could finally have a clear skin. It lasted me pretty long. The clear skin was complimented by many. (Please note that this took place in 2013)

So folk, there goes my third Acne Story. Please comment down below if you have anything you want to ask or say!

I’ll see you till next post!


Note : I am in no way a doctor/beautician/dermatologist/someone with a license to prescribe others. What works for me, may not work for you. But I do hope that what I’ll be sharing can help you, (yes, you!) and whoever came across here to know that you are not alone.


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