ACNE STORY I: “In the beginning….”

“In the beginning God created…..”

Wait, wait! Those are first few words within the Bible. But, that’s not what I actually meant.

As there’s always a story behind everything, I’ll start from telling how my skin was, in the beginning. 

I had a pretty clear skin to begin with. Zits were only around my t-zone.

What about cheeks? Clear.

Chin? None.

Neck? Nope.

Comedones? Only few of them.


circa 2013

 I did not have that much problems with acne. I remember how I would have zits on my forehead due to my bangs. I’d only have acne if I happen to have bangs. As much as I would touch my cheeks with dirty hands, I would barely get a zit.

I’d have occasional zits on my nose, upper & bellow lip, during that time of the month.

I was like most of other people; I would only have occasional zits.

One thing I’ve realized now: I did not appreciate my skin back then. did not appreciate what I had. 

However, my first uncontrollable breakout happened when I was on a holiday.

I went from a decent  6°C temperature to a ski resort, whereas the temperature would go as low as -12°C. The breakout happened overnight.

Do you know how overwhelming Cinderella felt when she turned into a princess overnight? That’s exactly how I felt! But, instead of being wooed by a prince charming, I was “wooed” by acnes all over my forehead.

Turns out, such things may happen due to different level of humidity that affect the skin. Some people may experience it and some won’t.

You heard stories of how your friends who move out of town experience sudden acne breakout? It can be caused by that.

The breakout was a surprise, as I’ve always thought that “An oily skin would not have problems on cold countries”— I was wrong.

Even though I did not have dry patches (unlike some people with dry to normal skin), my skin felt totally fine.  Even with that, turned out my skin had an uncontrollable breakout.

So, what did you do? As soon as I was back in town, I went to my usual dermatologist. However, it didn’t work out at all. It did not get better after a few weeks.

I’ll talk more about it on my next blog post, as it will be too long to begin with.

Thank you for reading!

Note : I am in no way a doctor/beautician/dermatologist/someone with a license to prescribe others. What works for me, may not work for you. But I do hope that what I’ll be sharing can help you, (yes, you!) and whoever came across here to know that you are not alone.




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